Dentures & Partials

Portrait teeth offer exceptional aesthetics and wear.

Our Premium Complete Dentures feature Portrait IPN Teeth, considered the world’s finest aesthetic premium denture teeth. Portrait teeth offer exceptional aesthetics and wear. Desired tooth characteristics are specially blended into distinct color zones to give Portrait teeth a high enamel translucency and balanced opalescence for a natural look.

Portrait teeth are available in a variety of sizes and shading options, including the popular bleached white shades, to complete your natural smile. The material in Portrait teeth is strong and designed to mimic the gradual wear of natural tooth enamel, for less wear and longer tooth life.

We use only the highest quality and most natural looking Lucitone 199 Acrylic, considered to be the gold standard for premium denture acrylic. Fiber striations in the acrylic and natural shading options give the Premium Complete Dentures a natural texture which simulates gum tissue. Gum contouring, full texturing & palatal ridges give these dentures a true lifelike appearance. This premium acrylic also offers unsurpassed breakage resistance, and a more precise fit.

We offer the Lucitone FRS flexible partial dentures. Many patients find this partial to be the most comfortable option. While the cost is higher than a partial made with metal clasps, the results of the flexible partial are beautiful and patient satisfaction is high. The Lucitone FRS flexible partial gives you confidence in your restoration while talking. Eating, and most importantly smiling.

Belasco & Ober Dental dentures are crafted by our experienced in house denture lab technician. Our lab onsite allows for our Dentists to oversee the entire denture making process. The Premium Complete Dentures come with a FIVE YEAR warranty against chipping and breaking. We also include a 6 month routine post delivery care that covers all adjustments.

In addition, our lab will do same day repairs and relines. No more waiting for days for a repair or reline to be done.
We also offer implant retained dentures and partials that provide a great improvement from traditional paste retained dentures. No more sticky paste or worrying about your dentures moving or falling out while eating, speaking and laughing. Call today for free implant consultation.